Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"How to Avoid Green Marketing Myopia"

CFW's question about socially responsible investing (SRI) was on my mind when I read "How to Avoid Green Marketing Myopia," an article from MarketingProfs.com.

"Green marketing must satisfy two objectives: Improved environmental quality and customer satisfaction. Misjudging either or overemphasizing the former at the expense of the latter is what can be called 'green marketing myopia.'...To avoid green marketing myopia, marketers must fulfill consumer needs and interests beyond environmental requirements," say authors Jacquelyn A. Ottman, Edwin R. Stafford, and Cathy L. Hartman. In other words, you can't sell socially responsible investments solely on the grounds of being socially responsible. You've got to appeal to other consumer desires.

It would be nice if you could promise better or more cost-effective performance using SRI. Too bad that's not possible. How about promising convenience? Customization to client definition of SRI? Credible benefits to society?

Check out this article's "strategies for success" and let me know if it inspires new ideas for you.

Also, look at how Calvert is advertising its Global Alternative Energy Fund. It looks like you must have performance or the potential for it.

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