Saturday, April 14, 2007

How your competitors raise AUM -- accessible only until April 30

Interested in learning how your competitors raise assets?

For insights, listen to audio webcasts of the Asset Gathering Conference put on by UBS. To access the audio webcast, go to Find the Conferences icon in the middle right side of the page. Click on icon. Follow link for Webcast next to the Asset Gathering Conference header. The webcast is accessible only until April 30.

Jen Dunning, Client Services and Marketing, Wagonhound Investments, L.P., manager of Pronghorn L.P., a global opportunistic equity hedge fund, told me about this resource. She says "I would recommend listening to the following talks:
  • Alliance/Bernstein-about derisking and rerisking, some interesting new jargon
  • McKinsey-concept of ‘convergence products’-alternatives are not seen as an asset class, rather they are techniques being applied to traditional asset management and will be embedded in traditional products
  • Callan-predictable info, but timely
  • Fidelity-interesting example of why compounding is so critical for ensuring enough $ for retirement"

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