Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vanity Fair as a stock market crash predictor

Here's an entertaining stock market article from Wooden Horse, the media directory specializing in magazines. I'm reprinting the article with their permission.

Whenever VANITY FAIR breaks a record for ad pages, the stock market crashes immediately afterward, Brandweek has determined, quoting "a highly scientific study" by "Short Takes."

VF's March 2007 Hollywood edition (which of course hit the streets in February) was "Our Biggest Issue Ever!" With 500 pages. During the week of Feb 26, Dow Jones plummeted to 12,114 from 12,647.

VF's previous largest issue was its April 2001 Hollywood edition, with 430 pages. In the week of March 19, 2001, the Dow tanked from 9,820 to 9,504. (By September it was at 8,235).

Need more proof? The largest VF prior to 2001 was the September 2000 edition, at 396 pages. In the week of Oct. 16, 2000, the Dow plummeted from 10,801 to 10,279.



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