Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another financial planner blog: Russell Bailyn's Financial Planning Blog

Want to see another blog by a financial planner? Check out Russell Bailyn's Financial Planning Blog.

Bailyn says, "I’ve been working on a book (due out this summer with Wiley) which will discuss personal finance and recognize the contributions of financial bloggers to cyberspace." Among the bloggers he comments about in his post "Blog Appreciation Day" are the folks behind Money Blog Network.

I'm curious about who reads these blogs.

By the way, I must credit Ed McCarthy's Wealth Manager article on "Beyond the Telephone: Wealth managers are discovering new ways to work with their clients and each other" with pointing me to Bailyn's blog.


Blogger SusanW said...

Russell told me in an email that "the most frequent readers/commenters are individual investors with questions about their 401k, 403b, or other retirement plans. I also field a lot of questions about financial planning and financial planners."

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

The best place to research your financial planner is to go to the Financial Standards Council and check them out there. You can find out a lot about many financial services. It is essentially the Better Business Bureau of the financial world. If they are not listed there it would be wise to do some digging and find out why. The Financial Standards Council for example doesn't just report on whether a person has been training to give financial advice, they also give reliability and integrity reports so you know what experiences other consumers have also had with that planner. It is a great service.

7:46 PM  

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