Sunday, December 18, 2005

Do investment & financial services companies belong in the blogosphere?

Do you know if any legitimate investment management or financial services companies have blogs? I haven't stumbled across any yet.

An interesting article called "Does Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere" got me thinking about whether blogs are right for financial services companies. Technology companies have led in the introduction of corporate blogs, said author Katherine Heires. She didn't cite any financial services blogs.

Here's a quote that suggests one reasons why I doubt blogging will take off quickly at large, conservative financial services firms. "Advises Pete Blackshaw of Intelliseek, a marketing intelligence firm: 'If your legal department requires three weeks' review time before you turn around a posting for your blog, you are not a candidate for blogging.' " I imagine that Compliance Departments will be very leery of blogs that are written in a blog-like voice.

After reading this article, I surfed over to Debbie Weil's blog, BlogWrite for CEOs, to see if she linked to any financial services blogs. Nothing doing. I couldn't even find the term "financial services" on her blog.

What do you think?

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