Sunday, December 04, 2005

Love this fixed income headline!

This headline made me laugh: "If you enjoy interpreting yield curves, we suggest these ETFs. And we pity your dinner company."

I laughed because:
  • It's great to see a humorous ad for a financial services company. This is an ad for iShares' fixed income ETFs.
  • There's a little bit of "fixed income nerd" inside me. Not that I'm a skillful interpreter of yield curves. Rather, that I could have listened for hours to a fixed income strategist at one of my former employers. I felt intrigued by how she built an investment strategy recommendation by pulling together clues from economic indicators and market behavior.
  • The headline is a great hook for a specific subset of investors. Also, the product opens up new opportunities for those investors. It's worth those investors' time to consider this product.
I found this ad on page 7 of the Nov. 21 issue of Investment News. I wish I could link you to a hard copy of this ad.



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