Thursday, November 09, 2006

Provocative investment topics proposed by Providence CFAs

The small group exercises at my Providence presentation unleashed a lot of energy from the participants.

I asked them, "If you were writing investment commentary today, what provocative topic could you discuss?"

Here are some of their suggestions:
  1. Green or socially responsible investing -- do you have to give up total return to go green?
  2. Relationship between the election and the stock market
  3. Technical analysis of the stock market
  4. Hedge funds
  5. Choosing to invest for absolute returns instead of vs. a benchmark
  6. The need to eliminate home country bias and to think more globally
  7. Explaining the slide in energy prices
If you choose to write about one of these topics, please remember to tie it back to your client. How does the topic affect them and their portfolio? That's what will grab -- and keep -- their attention.

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