Friday, September 15, 2006

Answers to questions raised by Hartford attendees

Yesterday the participants in my seminar on "The Six Deadly Sins of Investment Commentary" raised some questions I wasn't able to answer on the spot.

Q. Can you point us to some examples of good investment writing?

A. I enjoy the writing on Tom Brown's Bank Stocks blog. If you look, for example, at "Exploiting our edge: How we manage risk," it has:
  • A simple, catchy title
  • A topic -- risk -- that most investors care about
  • Ample use of "you"
  • A controversial approach to risk -- whether you agree or not, you'll probably find this interesting
  • Good use of numbering and bolding when he lists his rules
By the way, can you find the typo in his second paragraph? Unfortunately, the spellcheck feature of Word is no good at catching the use of "manger" where "manager" belongs.

Q. Are there other tools that you use to produce good writing?

A. I use free Bullfighter software to alert myself when my sentences are running too long. You can learn more about this software on my SusanGhostwriter blog.

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Blogger SusanW said...

Also, check out:

1) "What do Word's readability statistics mean" at

2) "How can you report underperformance in your client letters?"

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