Thursday, April 03, 2008

CFA Institute: Consider annuities, even variable annuities

Fee-only advisors hate variable annuities.

That's the stereotype in my head. It was reinforced several years ago when I contacted advisors for an article on variable annuities that appeared in Advising Boomers.

So, it was interesting to read the following statement by Stephen M. Horan, head of private-wealth and investor education at the CFA Institute, "Variable annuities can also manage the problem effectively." This was part of an opinion piece called, "Managing Risk in Retirement Portfolios: Using annuities and other techniques can address market volatility early on," which appeared in the Feb. 25 issue of Investment News.

In his article, Horan refers to the Financial Analysts Journal article about longevity annuities that I've blogged about.

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