Thursday, October 25, 2007

Strategic relationships can boost revenues--and client satisfaction--for estate planning attorneys, says DKE Inc.

Estate planning attorneys can boost their revenues--and client satisfaction--through strategic relationships with investment advisors, says DKE Inc. in their white paper, excerpted below. You can access the entire white paper by clicking on this link and then clicking again on "Attorney Strategic Relationships." DKE Inc. is one of my clients.

Estate planning attorneys face downward pressure on their income due to increased competition from attorneys and non-attorneys. Changes in tax laws also threaten the market for their services.

Estate planning attorneys can overcome these barriers to growth by forming strategic relationships with professionals in related, noncompetitive areas. These relationships should not focus on revenue enhancement. Instead, their goal should be improving client satisfaction within the context of the estate planning attorney as the client’s most trusted advisor. Revenues will follow.

In this paper, we provide a blueprint for estate planning attorneys to establish solid, effective and enduring relationships with such professionals and their clients.

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